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Technical data:

Slug weight:  450 gr / 1-1/16 oz
Muzzle velocity: 1080 fps
Muzzle energy: 1180 fp

Combined material
Frangible design
Suitable for metal targets

No over-penetration

A completely new fragmenting slug design for personal defense and competition

Superior energy transfer and expansion combined with reduced penetration and limited ricochet potential for personal defense.

Reliable knock down power with minimal backsplatter on reactive steel targets​.


  • Molded, clear plastic constructtion embedded with lead shot pellets

  • Frangible design reduces potential for over penetration and ricochet

  • Soft lead shot pellets produce lightweight fragments and reduce backsplatter

  • Round nose ogive with sharp shoulder for reliable breakup on impact

  • Polyethylene base wad seales hot powder gasses

  • Suitable for both smoothbore and rifled barrels

  • Safe for all chokes

  • No lead or plastic fouling

Field reports

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